Merry Christmas


WordPress ate and mangled a previous post, so …

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  No matter how, if and what you celebrate about the holiday, please accept my well wishing for you and yours on this holiday. 

I’ve been lazy in posting as I’ve had so many holiday projects I’ve been working on, but I promise a post on Chanel number five before the 28th.  My goal for the new year is to post twice a week (at least) and to update my decant list.  I’ve aquired lots of new vintage or hard to find goodies I’m excited about and hope you will be to.  Also in the works is a perfume group participation experiment which will begin in Feb.  look for a post on the details in the next week or two.  I think it’s an interesting idea and lots of fun. 

Happy things for today:

 I can still smell Parfum Sacre Extrait on my wrist from last night.   The lingering drydown is delicious–very much like the lingering memory of a romantic encounter.

The Princess had her first real Christmas today.  She woke up and saw the presents and went nuts!  Her little face lit up as she explored the mass of boxes and shiny wrappings, and eagerly brought us the various packages to help unwrap.  Point of Pride: I made her a sock monkey for christmas.  I’m terrible about starting handmade projects and discarding them after minimal effort.  However, I finished this one and it became a respectible looking stuffed toy.  Princess unwrapped it, looked over it with a big smile, immediately grabbed it and hugged it.  Of course, she dropped it shortly after and went on to demolish the mini tree…but the two seconds of appreciation were all I needed. 

Parfums MDCI sent me a christmas greeting.  I bought some Enlevement au Serail a few months ago, which I adore.  (review later) unfortunately it arrived broken.  However M. Marchal took care of the situation perfectly,  He definately knows how to run a business – – impeccable customer service. 

Well, I am off to the perfume cache to apply some Nuit de Noel.  it’s the perfect choice with for today  The royal family is off to grandma’s house to open more presents and have some family fun (drunken phase 10 anyone?) Enjoy the holiday and share what joy you have with someone else, even in the form of an unexpected smile.  Smell good while doing it too.

perfume choice of the day : Caron Nuit de Noel for me and Eau d’ Italie Sienne L’hiver for him

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  1. Happy Holidays! I held the Nuit bottle, yet settled on Le Haie Fleurie, my favorite fragrance of all time for some reason. It’s like a sigh and a hug from myself…
    Christmas Eve Day I wore Tabac Blond…it lasted all day and night, until my morning shower…
    p.s. what is the little vial yo sent w/the red flower on it (no name)?

  2. the red flower is dawn spencer horowitz poppy.

    I love tabac blonde…it’s always so grown up and mysteriously sexy. Candidate for new years eve.

    Happy Holidays to you too! did you like the rest of the package?

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