Parfum Sacre by Caron


I had one craptacular morning.  The Princess, who wants to be just like Mama, was following me about as I got on with some house chores.  As I was cleaning the cat-box she screamed and began to cry hysterically.  So, I grabbed her with forearms and took her to the bathroom to wash hands and try to calm her.  I see some blood and realize it coming from her right EYE.  Literally bleeding out of her eyeball.  After 20 minutes of wrangling a screaming, squirming baby, I got her to calm down and stop bleeding to find a cut on the outercorner of her eye.  A call to the doctor later and we are speeding off to the office to get checked out.  They torture the poor thing with some dye in the eye to find that there is not cut to the eyeball, just one heck of a nasty scratch on the skin.  Luckily.  So a co-pay and antibacterial cream, later two tired girls go home, thankful there is not nearly the crisis there could have been (cat crap+ open wound = FREAKED OUT MAMA)

Princess found her comfort in a long nursing session and a very long, deep nap on her favorite faux fur throw blanket.  Mama found comfort in some warm tea with a tiny shot of Brandy (they wouldn’t give me valium) and some prescription perfume comfort — Caron’s Parfum Sacre Extrait

There is much difficulty in putting the genius, the master artisanship of this perfume into words, and I can only hope I do it half the justice it deserves.

I admit, when I was first gifted with the EDP in a swap. I sprayed, sniffed and dismissed as another silly lemming.  I just wouldn’t be caught up in the hype, this was much too incensy and peppery to really wear.  All those blogging know it alls were full of it! But I was horribly, horribly wrong.

Like a sleep walker, I’d go to the perfume cache and wake up, finding I had applied this mysterious number, thinking “what the hell am I doing?  it’s hype!  it’s silly!  I don’t really like it? ! ”  Or did I?  I blame my pride.   I hate to jump on bandwagons, having listened too many times to the 80’s anti-drug slogan “be an orginal, just say NO.”  I just couldn’t have fallen in love completely unawares, could I?

I could.  My puppy love began with the sharper EDP, which gives more pepper and more silliage spread.  The EDP was like falling for someone’s great hair and teeth.   But the TRUE  love came about with the heavenly extrait, for which I scoured ebay in four languages.    This love is akin to finding your crush’s  book collection matched yours…perfectly.

With the spray comes the peppery-citrus opening.  You can feel the room grow cooler and are transported outdoors, on a walk as the sky becomes overcast with a snizzle of snow.  The change in weather hurries you to your destination, inside doors of the little church sanctuary.  As you sit down on the plush, red velvet seat you relax and admire the beautiful red roses on  the altar and the smell of incense in the air and the soft glow of the votives. You admire the stained glass windows, and the statue of Mary in all her sacred feminine glory.  Deep in thought you pull your soft, thick cashmere wrap closer, rubbing it absently on your cheek.   The sound of footsteps breaks your reverie.  A dark, handsome man enters the sanctuary.  Warming as he approaches, you smile as he pauses to take a rose off the altar.  He seats next to you, so close you can smell his slightly musky skin.  Whispering commences, and whispers become low giggles. The two of you rise, don large sun glasses and trot outside into the cold.  He places his hand on the small of your back as you hurry to his flat.  He *worships your sacred feminine.*  Luxuriating in his embrace and the glow of the fire can only last a minute, you must hurry home before you are missed.

You dress, deeply kiss goodbye and venture back out into the increasing snowy cold.  However, inspite of the worsening conditions, the cold damp isn’t as biting as it was before.  You are wrapped warmly within your cashmere wrap and the lingering touch of your lover.  Each gust of wind wafts the scent of incense and musk left in your wrap as you hustle back to a more mundane place, with a mysterious smile and the glow of a clandestine affair.

Parfum Sacre does cause my imagination to run away with me.  It’s almost ridiculous how I fall under the spell of this mysterious and alluring perfume, so much that I am willing to blow two months worth of diaper funds on the extrait.  I simply had to have it.  It’s comforting like the embrace of a lover, not the embrace of sweatpants. Parfum Sacre is alluring.  The word sexy definately does not seem right….too tawdry, and too overused a word.  It beckons to you to unravel it’s mysteries and find enlightment, solace and comfort in it’s smoky, glowing aura.  Simply breathtaking, it must be experienced with reverence and reveled in.

Parfum Sacre is wearable year round, however I find it particularily delicious in cooler weather, as it is a cashmere perfume.   It’s even better the day after when you find hints in your hair or in your clothes.  It can be melancholy, it can be inspirational.  It is always intellectual and introspective.  Ageless and timeless, as long as you can be intellectual and introspective, you can wear and appreciate the gorgeousness.

notes:  lemon, pepper, mace, cardamom, orange blossom, rose, jasmine, rosewood,vanilla, myrrh, civet, cedarwood

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  1. fabulous description…I wore the EdP before I knew about blogs ( ummm, before they existed? )anyway I love it too and save me 5ml!!! LOL… greedily clapping my hands!
    I’m e-mailing you a respectful review of Courtesan…mmm-m-m…

  2. Nice!

  3. LOL -NO ONE can resist Parfum Sacre! She will cast her spell no matter what. Don’t you love the way you feel when you wear it? It’s like you have suddenly developed an allure ou never knew you possessed. MAgical!

  4. I just want to say, that this parfum is really great. My girlfriend was using it and the price is very good. Good luck with your blog – it encludes very interesting articles.

  5. thank you! I do try. Parfum Sacre is one of my dearest parfum friends.

  6. I love Sacre Parfume,that’s my favorite.Please I would like to know where can I buy it.I live in
    San Jose. CA.I use that perfume since 1980 I just love it,makes me feel special.

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