Chanel’s Exclusif Collection

This one will be short and sweet.  After reading lots of reviews about the collection, I was itching to try them. 


This was an instore spray favorite.  Warm, spicy, inviting, one could absolutely picture a cool, black laquered frame contrasted with thin red paper in the panes.  The papers glow with the light of a warm fire behind them and there is the smell of spices and a little incense.  Upon spray, it’s immediately warm with an undertone of vanilla, then dries out to a medicinal, dark mustiness. Next, Coromandel cycles back to the warm vanilla-amber base.  Somedays it felt exotique, sensual and winter perfect.  Otherdays it reminded me of Calvin Klein’s Obsession.  Particularily the year they offered Obsession with four roll-ons that isolated and aspect of the perfume.  I just can’t shell out 175 dollars for a smell-a-like, esp. one that doesn’t always last very long on me.  Pity.

notes:amber vanilla patchouli, frankencense and I swear there’s some cinnamon-y clove-y stuff in there too.

Bel Respiro

This one is green and sunny.  Like laying in a filed of soft warm grass while watching the clouds roll by.  It’s quite nice, in a tailored ladylike sort of way and great for spring or summer.  I personally wouldn’t reach for it often, but it could be a change of pace once in awhile.  Must retry in the warm weather.  I think it might be 80 degrees here next week.  I am hoping the warmer weather and lack of mild nasal condition will bring the promised florals and leather out. 

notes: leaves, rosemary, thyme, rose lilac, hyacinth,green tea, grasses, myhrr, leather.

No. 18

Spicy, then smells like Avon’s skin so soft.  My father would proclaim “smells like bug spray.”  Then after awhile it disappeared on me.  dammit.  Where are all the lucsious notes mentioned by Bois de Jasmin???

notes: ambrette seed, rose, iris.

28 La Pausa

Let me first say, I’m not big into iris.  I know so many of you love love love it, but I’ve never gotten it.  I hope for some personal growth, but it didn’t come here.  So I shall assume that unless you already heed the siren iris call, this is not the place to start.  All I can really say about La Pausa is that it was a woody man-floral and very not for me. 

notes: iris, rose… not sure

31 Rue Cambon

after reading that this was an experimental chypre I could hardly wait to try it.  I love me a good chypre!  This one was reminiscent of Femme‘s plummy goodness, though a great deal watered down.  If I didn’t worship Femme, I’d probably love this, but alas, it has been done before!  I do give Polge, the perfumer, credit for finding away to make a chypre with out that “evil” oakmoss that is suffocating the masses with it’s evilness.  (yes, that would be sarcasm, long live oakmoss!) It takes some creativity to find a way around the problem of not being able to use a particular ingredient.  So, shall I compare this to say….2% milk, and Femme being cream?  A parfum would be a great idea here.

notes: bergamot, black pepper, patchouli, cistus labdanum and iris.

Finally, I did find a little love in…

Eau de Cologne

I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself loving this one, as it seemed I would like it least.  This is a very refreshing, lemony citrus open with pleasant light florals throughout.  It’s perfect for Houston summer and I could see this in heavy rotation with my beloved summer scent, Jicky.  175 for the 6.8 oz…well… maybe I can convince the king it’s sharable…

notes: citrus, bergamot, neroli

Verdict:  A nice try.  Maybe I’ll feel differently about some of them in warmer weather, but truly do not forsee a purchase of any of these in the near future.

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  1. oh, I had high hopes for Coromandel…
    being a fellow worshipper at the altar of Femme, 31RB sounds like a disappointment too.
    When some samples come my way I’ll still give them a sniff,and I appreciate your viewpoint.
    When a decant of Bois des Isles came my way, I said it was the only Chanel I could wear, so we shall see.
    sniff on..let’s trade again!

  2. I know, I did too. Coromandel isn’t a bad perfume. I’d love it if I hadn’t known Obsession before, since it’s a bit better than Obsession, but too close to justify buying. Also, I do have Bois des Iles in parfum, I recieved it the other week. About to update my decants….
    PS let me know when you get the package! Curious to see what you thing of Courtesaen.

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