Things I am thankful for

1.  my good health and more importantly the good health of the princess.  so many babies have so many problems and I truly have a perfect child

2. friends and family who love and support me, inspite of my wackiness and my obsessive perfume addiction

3. Chanel is NOT going to discontinue Bois des Iles (next post) or Cuir de Russie parfums.  They are, however making it very very hard to get a bottle or parfum. You must call and beg for a big honking bottle or settle for a smaller, decant.

4. Ebay.  I was able to find something very very VERY hard to find this weekend!  Parfum Sacre extrait.  finally.  Something you MUST smell before you die if you even kinda sorta like Parfum Sacre in EDT or EDP.  and yes, I will decant some of it at cost.  (I really paid for this one.  yikes)  When I get it I will put it in the decant list. 

5.  Other perfume blogs that enable me to research my yearnings and find new lemmings.  And make some wonderful friends along the way

   Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there.  I hope you spent it with those you love around a bountiful table.  Otherwise, I hope you were able to leave early and hit KFC on the way home. 

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  1. You may want to email Chanel – when I did they said no more BdI parfum, only edt. The SAs at the boutiques seem clueless about this though.

  2. The SA’s seem clueless in any of the cases! I will give Chanel an email this week…You would think the SA manager in New York would be up on the company news. What a way to run a railroad…

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