Bois des Iles


 Thanksgiving could not have been more idyllic for those of us in Houston than it was today.  Weather was gorgeous.  Upper 50’s, clear blue skies and even a few colored leaves here and there.  My family managed to all congregate together around a delicious menu developed from various gourmet style recipes (even featured chestnuts) and I made one kick ass pumpkin pie.  Oh my god, it was delightful.  I use a nut filling on the bottom spiked with some brandy and ginger, topped with fresh pumpkin (not from the can) mixed with heavy cream, dash of brandy and spices.  Wine was flowing with conversation and followed with great coffee.  The Princess knocked out after a good walk in the cold air and we all spread to various parts of the house to read or vegtate or went onto the next Thanksgiving venue.  I even looked decent in family pictures this year.  The King and I found a nice quiet nook outside to grab a blanket and a book to read together.  (Actually, I made that part up as DH was away on business.  However, had he been here, that’s what we would have done) There is something sweetly sexy about being read to by the one you love.  Tommorrow, I will be hit by a bus.

I thought long and hard about my outfit today, and even harder about my perfume choice.  To go with my wine colored wool pants and fitted cream wool sweater (cinched with a tortise-y belt.  I cinch damn near everything these days after losing all 60 lbs of the baby weight) and a wine paisley pashimna scarfy thing. Brown leather gloves and big Mary-Kate Olsen sunglasses for the outdoors with low heeled pointed brown shoes.  lots of toe and chest cleavage.  for Perfume, I wanted something as rich and volutptuously automnal as I felt today.  Chanel Bois des Iles seemed like the perfect choice. 

  The first spray always makes me question my choice as I always get a cirtusy,dry woodsy smell.  Much too fresh or so I think until a few minutes later I smell light sweetness of florals glowing with a hint of spice.  Glowing being the operative word, as it’s a subtle warm emanation, smelling like my skin but better.  Almost as though I brushed my wrist against a kitchen counter top dusted with gingerbread spices.  However, the effect is most often not a gourmand foody smell, but more of a homey sexy smell.  These light spices melt pefectly into the vanilla sandalwood base finishing a stunning composition.  If this perfume could give an auric color it would be deep golds, warm wines and a hint of chestnut brown.  It’s a walk in cool, crisp air and then a warm seat by the fire.  Ernest Beaux, creator of this magic elxir, was a true genius.  He managed to create a season’s colors, cooking and pastime with this fragrance. 

Edt can be a bit sharper, particularily in the cool blast at the begining, but it gives (me) more silliage and lasting power than the Parfum.  However the parfum’s advantage is a smoother, warmer perfection one must get close to smell, taking Coco Chanel’s advice to put perfume where one want’s to be kissed to heart.  However, wearing this subtle sexy scent, one is likely to be in for more than kisses. 

The sexualty of this perfume is not in knock you over the head heady florals or animalic musky dirty girlness.  Bois des Iles instead amplifies your skin’s smell and makes it over with an autumn palatte.  It is perfection for Thanksgiving, for walks in crisp air, tweed pencil skirts, wool pants and cashmere.  It’s an invite to snuggle closer under a blanket or to nuzzle a neck in passing.  While some perfumes are merely sexy in a fake-boobs-taut-tummy-stilletto sort of way, this one is erotic in a soulmate with soft curves, little bit of well loved round belly and barefeet with perfectly pedicured toes.  Plus a bit of a trustfund.  Somehow, most Chanel’s smell well monied to me.  This is certainly one masterpiece I could never get through fall without. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  What did you all wear today?

notes: aldehydes, coriander, bergamot, neroli, peach, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, iris, ylang-ylang, vetiver, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla and musk

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  1. After the chaos of an extended-family dinner, I settled down with the calming FM En Passant. Deep sigh…I put on the silver persian lamb car-coat my grandmother left me (God rest her soul) and took the dogs for a walk. Kicking up yellow/red leaves, hearing them rustle, smelling the lilac/yeastiness of my skin; I love autumn.

  2. autumn is definately my favorite season. The colors, the snap in the air, as well as the seasonal food offerings make it so earthy. There is always a rebirth in the air too.
    En Passant is so bready, you can actually smell the crust on the bread and the lilacs next door. very nice.

  3. I went for the tried and true – Chanel No 5. I wore the perfume layered with the Sensual Elixir. Sigh!

  4. I just got some no 5 in the mail, the modern. I expect the vintage any day. I need to try with the sensulle exlir, (haven’t aquired yet) alone and layered. intriguing!

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