a little organization, if you please!

As I am packing a care package to a perfume pen pal, I realize I have soooo many samples and bottles, it’s ridiculous.  No wonder I can’t sit down regularly and post, I have too much to choose from and it makes me scatterbrained.  Thus, A decision was made.  From now on, I will try to cover about two perfume houses at a time, covering until my current collection of said house has run out.  Now, here and there there maybe and off topic house if love or loathe comes to visit, but I will do my best to stay on subject matter. 

The Holiday Season is here, which to me means Chanel and Caron.  These houses are luxurious, and very quality focused.  They don’t often reformulate like some certain others (glaring at Guerlain who F%$*ed with my Mitsouko and others.  GROWL).   Thier perfumes tend to be deeper, a wee bit dark in some places and celebrational.  Very appropriate for the season, and I think most of the perfumes live for cooler weather.  (Can someone send some cold to HOUSTON PLEASE?!?!?)    Plus, how can you do Christmas without Nuit de Noel?  Sooooo….look for your Caron favorites and Chanel lusties here, my dear three readers.  Make suggestions, ask questions, share your own Caron and Chanel stories.  Hell, Contact me with a comment if you want to post your own piece and we will rig it up.  So, until a wee bit later, ta-ta, I’m off to the perfumed court to fill in my chanel/caron perfume gaps.  We must be complete!

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  1. I am sure you have more than 3 readers! My top 3 are Chanel’s from the 20’s so I am looking forward to your postings. I also find it easiest to go by note or by house – anything else and my newbie brain can’t keep it all straight.

  2. Which three are those? I adore Bois des Iles and Cuir de Russie. I’ll be posting on them as soon as my new bottles arrive from the good ladies in NYC. BTW have you gotten your package yet?

  3. Well, Chanel is the house I love most, and the one that I have known the longest, so I look forward to your upcoming posts! Caron I am learning, and I’ve already pledged my devotion to Parfum Sacre, mmmmmmmmm. Of course, there are big furry lemmings of other Carons living with me as well. Glad I found your blog!

  4. Ohhh Parfum Sacre. That has become a recent obsession for me. I am hoping to get some of the parfum in the next couple weeks, so I am trying to hold off on that post. I’ve never tried the parfum and I hear it is….magical. Favorite Chanel? Welcome to my blog Rosarita and I look forward to your comments!

    PS: Someone did send cold to Houston. Thanksgiving is going to be quite nippy here!

  5. haven’t received the package yet but will let you know when it arrives. No. 5 is my all time favourite, then No 22 and Bois des Iles are tied – they are all stunning in perfume strength. No 5 is almost totally different in perfume vs edt. I also love Cuir de Russie in the perfume strength, not so much in the edt.

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