Coco Mademoiselle, a story of lust, betrayal, redemption and reconciliation

cocomadem.jpgBack in 2001, I was sort of out on my own for the first time and getting to know myself as the grown up girl I was to become.  Naturally, I need a new perfume for this transformation.  For months I sniffed at everything.  Chanel no 5 was tooo grown up, the offerings at the mall shops too young.  Spurred by thier uber sexy ad campaign, I felt the need to try Coco Mademoiselle.  It seemed to encapsulate everything, or everyone, rather, I wanted to be.  Sexy, desireable, yet independant.  The ads had my name all over them and we flirted via magazine until I made the first move at the Ulta.  In a testing frenzy, I sprayed myself with several candidates. saving Mademoiselle for last.  Unfortunately, the nose was overloaded, and I couldn’t detect a thing.  So I went home alone.

What I didn’t know was what that little spritz of Mademoiselle would do to me. Being a smart girl I had diagrammed where I had spritzed things.  most of the stuff I sprayed wasn’t lasting or fulfilling  Mademoiselle, however satisfied me completely.  Over the next few waking hours and all night, she rocked my olfactory world.  While I missed the opening citrus in the melange of other scents, I was hit hard with the floral, feminine heart.  Rose, Jasmine.  How can you get more womanly than that in a perfume?  The way these were presented in particular, were the perfume equivilant to Mae West’s walking wiggle.  Fun, flirty, feminine and forward.  However, the part that really slayed me was the morning after. 

The next morning, I donned my favorite sweater (from the day before) and smelled something irresistable.  Like a cat to catnip I was madly sniffing the sleeve of my sweater wondering what the hell could that possibly be???  The smell was so deliciously dirty and almost masculine. My nose was so busy sniffing my wrist and sweater, you would think I had dusted it with coke. a cola 😉  As soon as I could tear myself away from myself I made haste to Ulta to make an honest woman of myself with my very own bottle.

For years the affair was hot.  We’d do it anytime, anywhere with no regard to propriety.  30 spritzes in the 100 degree heat, oh spank me because I’m bad!  People, particulairly men, could tell I was a woman in love, and would flock to me, telling me how divine/sexy/utterly f-able I smelled.  Actually I only tolerated the last comment from those who I was,  well, you know.  Otherwise they were purse-bitch slapped for thier forward impertinence. I digress.  Truly, as perfume can elevate your state of being, I felt like I was a sex goddess with all the benefits. 

But all good things come to an end.  Our affair must have begun to cool when I noticed our relationship was only exclusive on my side.  Mademoiselle was out with others.  While I never expected an fidelity with such a hot number, I didn’t think Mademoiselle would be quite so…loose.  Soon I noticed everyone from my hairdresser to my brother’s girlfriend we all seeing my Mademoiselle and I began to become jaded with her.  The smell once so tantalizing and elevating became like the too loud laugh of a too painted hooker.  It was a painful thing to break off, but I did and began to see others. 

In the interim, as I have been exploring all the other fish in the sea, I have learned about perfume; what goes into a perfect compostion, what notes truly sing for me and which ones to avoid like the plague.  I have also discovered that I am not the marrying kind, at least not right now and have several perfumes I use regularily, and many flirtations and one nighters on the side.  Thus, I have forgiven Madamoiselle, and now understand she was a stunning work.  In a land of insipid fruity florals, celeb stank and stuff marketed for the olfactory retarded, she stood out as a remarkable chypre, harkening to the old days when perfume was meant to shock and arouse, not to mask and make excuses for innocence long past.  (looking at you bath and bodyworks.) It is not any wonder that she was spread about the town, she was daring in our modern times. 

Now, once in awhile I pull my bottle out of my drawer, take a sniff with a bit of reverence.  Coco Mademoiselle made me a woman.

 Notes Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Litchi, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vetiver, Vanilla, Musk 

Keira looks tres mignon ici!

What was your first perfume love?  Do you still wear it?  Why or Why not?

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  1. I fell in love with Gucci Rush in, no lie, the scratch-n-sniff of a mag (ee-gads!) And that tacky fuscia bottle reminded me of my bridesmaid gowns (so sue me, I got married in the 80’s!) But I started cheating on the Rush with a spritz of Outrageous. Horrors! It shocked me with it’s opening, so “bug spray”. But it mellowed to the most interesting and complex of scents. And that’s how I met Frederic Malle. I couldn’t get him off my nose! I’ve been a niche junkie ever since…Go back to ole Rush? Maybe…but not til I’ve tried every interesting scent out there!

  2. Hi Vida!
    Mr. Malle is a genius. He hires the most amazing perfumers. If you were to cheat, at least you went Pro!

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