Parfumerie Generale Un Crime Exotique, a review


     It’s the mid to late week in October, which usually means one thing for me.  Fruitcake.  Every year at this time, I get my supplies together and make fruitcake for friend and family christmas presents.  Before you fruitcake haters start, I can have many reformed haters attest that this is the best fruitcake ever.  EVER.  I have people beg for a spot on my gift list, it’s that good.  Anyhow, I digress. (and brag a bit)

So, as I’ve mentioned it’s toasty in my south-of-the-mason-dixon clime, and often it’s hard to get in the mood to do anything ahead for the holidays.  Thus I spin my Johnny Mathis and reach for a holiday inspired scent to get me a going.  Oh, and a nip of the fruitcake brandy helps too.  This year, a heavenly sample of Un Crime Exotique came in my mailbox, just in time to life me out of the preholiday doldrums and into baking mode. 

This compostion begins as the very embodiment of Christmas.  It’s an inviting plate of fresh Gingerbread, complete with a drizzle of honey and cream.  Then you get a nice, warm draught of wassail –and not the wimpy plain cider with a few spices, but the full bodied wassail, with the egg base, cider cinnamon, cloves, orange and a wee bit of rum or cognac to ward off the cold.  It wears on in this pomander-esque mode for a little while until it morphs into a more complex tea (to my nose) This transition into the complex tea, and later vanila/sandlewood incense-y thing saves this stunning gourmand masterpiece from being demoted to a simple room spray, a la Bath and Body Works.  Though, while mentioning the mall stores The Body Shop has a Vanilla-Spice holdiay set that I did succumb to, which compliments my high doll-ah perfume.  There seriously are not enough coordinating body creams in the perfume world.  Those of us with dry skin are so unloved by our niche perfumers.

I can see myself wearing this to a holiday “fun” party, christmas shopping or anytime I need to ward off the holiday frustration-frenzy.  I might even carry a few decants to throw at the angry mobs at Nordie’s the day after Thanksgiving and consider it my play for the Nobel Peace Prize.   Definately not for seduction, unless mate is gluttonous.

Official Notes are

Chinese osmanthus, gingerbread, tea, cinnamon, star anise, mate absolute, vanilla, sandalwood

Luckyscent carries this amazing work for 105, which I might have to write off as a tax expense for next year. . .

If you leave a comment, I will draw a winner at random to receive a 1 ml. sample of Un Crime Exotique and a few other bits of candy from my perfume collection.  Announced November 7th

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  1. sounds interesting. For my gingerbread, I turn to Chanel’s Bois des Iles, one of my all time favourites – not everyone gets a gingerbread note from Bois des Iles, but I do – buried nicely in a truly gorgeous woody perfume.

    For great body lotions, try Ormande Jayne. The perfumes are great (my favourites are Orris Noir and Tolu) and each scent has a matching body lotion (except Orris Noir – I’m waiting!). L’Artisan Parfumeur also has some lotions/cremes.

    And your review the other day of Guerlain’s Double Vanille? Just shows how interesting body chemistry can be. I love the Guerlain Vannille, it is the only Guerlain I can wear as all the others go sour on me. So here’s to body chemistry – it’s what keeps this perfume thing sooo interesting! 🙂 (And let me know if you want to swap that Guerlain Vanille.)

  2. Kim, I’ll definately swap you for the Double Vanille, and as you commented, you are in the drawing for the Un Crime Exotique too. Bois Des Iles is one of my all time favorites! sometimes I get gingerbread, sometimes not, but always Chanel perfection.
    Also, just sent for a Ormonde Jayne sample set and am looking forward to trying them all.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m interested in trying out the scrubber you noted below and your description of Un Crime coupled with the brief sampling session I had with it leave me wanting more. . . When I tried it that evening, I woke up hoping I would still be able to smell it; but alas it had faded and I didn’t get a morning impression.

    I think it would be perfect for my holiday party. Count me in!

  4. two for the drawing! awesome! the samples were generous, so if you two are it, I might just split them.

  5. Ahhhhh! My first ‘Crime’ day. Here goes my description. Upon application, I dab and then find myself thinking of a cool, tall glass of eggnog sprinkled with the requisite nutmeg. Very holiday. . . Come to think, maybe I feel like a cool, tall glass of eggnog. Are you getting my drift?

    Any kind of musky base on this one is pretty light, which I like. A bit later, I’m picking up smooth and spicy scents; a bit later still, it’s high quality cocoa, very silky.

    About 4 hours later it’s a smidge dusty/musky. (Is that pomander? I don’t know.) But then it does have a kind of miraculous transition to the very sweet, little smoky-clean finish.

    I like!

  6. very nice review! your’e hired 🙂

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