Spiritueuse Double Vanille


A recent tired spending spree at the www.PerfumedCourt.com (free advertising ladies!) gave me so many samples I don’t know what to do with them.  Thus I drew one at random and decided to wear it a few days in a row, then give my opinion.  The lucky vial was Guerlain’s Spirituese Double Vanille, or, in English, boozy double vanilla.  Sounds like a great shot, but how does it smell?

The opening spray definately lives up to it’s name. It’s VERY boozy, almost medincal, with a blast of super vanillac vanilla.  You know when you get those flavored floride rinse treatments at the dentist?  If they made one in vanilla, this is exactly how it would smell.  Practically a scrubber, and very, very strong. 

Despite some stomach lurching, I persisted with wearing to see where it would go.  I’d really hate to find a guerlain I didn’t like esp. because this one is hyped as “Spiritueuse Double Vanille is “a carnal and aphrodisiac scent to be used without moderation” “The perfume is described as a liquor made for the skin offering a carnal and aphrodisiac wake, with facets of woods, resins, and spices. The vanilla bean core is accompanied by notes of benzoin, pink pepper, cedar, Bulgarian Rose, Ylang Ylang, a dry and elegant heart of incense”   How could that be bad?  I want to smell like that!! 30 minutes later, I get a bit more vanilla-y rum (like bacardi , not captain morgans or meyers).  slightly spicy, but still very boozy.  At this point I worry that if I got pulled over, I’d get a breathalizer and lose.   But, Finally, in the end, we reach the dry down.  Here we find the familiar Guerlainade, plus an undertone of musky.  This tiny bit of skank livens up the vanilla overload and whispers the “take me drunk, I’m home” you’ve been waiting for.  Unfortunately, in this case, it comes from the very last bar patron, and he ain’t all that pretty.

Verdict:  It pains me, but this one is a give away.  Some people LOVE this one, but I just can’t get it after repeated tries.  This composition is intended for a dude, but I don’t think MY nose would like it, even on a dog.  It’s up for swaps!

Mr. Yuck courtesy of poisoncontrol.org

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