Perfume Queen Needs Some Advice

It has been a long few weeks.  I had news that my Grandfather has cancer and needs an operation.  The doctors gave him 25 percent chance of living through his operation.  After a few weeks of being depressed I’ve come to terms with my feelings.

So, on that note, I’ve started to think of what perfume to wear to match my emotions during his surgery and possible outcome.  It seems a bit shallow, but the deeper I fall into this perfumed obsession the more I realize how much perfume affects and reflects my emotions.  

   I was thinking Parfum Sacre by Caron for any situation.  It’s lightish, incensy and uplifting yet calming. Guerlain Mitsouko reflects a  more sombre mood with it’s tragic story and complex compostion.  It seems perfect for mourning. What would you readers wear in such a situation and why?  This is my first offical group participation blog and I look forward to reflecting on your words.  Please do leave some insight for me in the comments.

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  1. Hello again after a long absence (out of towners and toddler bday party induced)-
    I’m so sorry about your grandpa. Grandparents are such a unique and wonderful thing to have, and when we lose them there is indeed a big hole. I lost my grandma whom I was VERY close to almost 2 years ago, but I honestly feel like something of her is always with me, and I take so much comfort in that. I hope you get to spend lots of time w/ your grandpa and tell him how important he’s been in your life.
    That said, I would suggest L’Heure Blue (sp?) by Guerlain. It has a sad, wistful, melancholy note about it- a whisper of things past, a gray and rainy day, autumn.
    I got your package in the mail- thanks so much for the Worth. I am saving it for a special occasion.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry! But I agree with you, scent does rflect who we are and what we are feeling.

    Apres l’ondee is my go-to for melancholy, but Encens et Lavande or Parfum Sacre to me always feel like hope.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. My grandparents are amazing people who have lived through so much, and always together. I can’t imagine how it will be for my Grandmother when they are parted.
    L’Heure Blue is a good sugestion. I find it a bit wistful but with more of a hopeful note in the end for me.
    Toddlers? the Princess is one. I was thinking about when I flew through your big city’s airport on the way to NY yesterday!

  4. Funny how quite a few Guerlains fit the bill for melancholy. I almost forgot about Apres L’ondee. I will have to dig that one out and give it a try. Who makes Encens et Lavande? It sounds perfect to send my GrandMama…

  5. Fugly airport, isn’t it? Unless you are in the Northwest terminal.

  6. yep, the NW terminal is all kinds of excitement. Someday I want a five hour layover so I can go to the spa, just to say I had it done at the airport. I kind of miss living in that state. (We lived in the town west of the university, famous for the jail. ) I do believe I have some distant family around you.

  7. Well, you are welcome to stop in anytime and talk perfume! (Or really anything, for that matter!) The kids could have a playdate, too!

  8. That would be fun! I think I am due up in this area again early novemeber. We’ll see what we can arrange.

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