24 Faubourg Review and Trip Down Perfume Memory Lane

Once upon a time when I was an girl in the bigger city of Chicago, I had a field day at the now extinct Marshall Fields.  Oh what a store that was . . . it had that upscale feel of the big boys; Saks’, Neim’s and Nordie’s and yet more of the personalization of a smaller department store.  No wonder it was sold out to Macy’s. *sigh*   Anyhow, the perfume SA’s we always so very friendly on the Mag mile, one of whom gave me a big, whopping 10 ml sample of 24 Faubourg.   24F is an Hermes confection named for it’s Parisian store’s address.  Notes include Bergamot, Orange, Peach, Hyacinth, Tiare flower, Orange flower, Jasmine, Orris, Sandal, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla.   However, I believe this list isn’t all inclusive as there are a few suprise notes in there, at least for me. 

That day I believe I was transformed.  I walked into the store to load up on some Philosophy goodies and replace my well loved and so ominpresent Madamoiselle.  Madamoiselle was my event perfume of choice worn only when not wearing a BBW horror of fruity, floral nausea.  After that was done, I was meandering and struck up a conversation with a lady at the Hermes counter who had also been wearing Madamoiselle.  We decided it was lovely, but everywhere, and I confided I knew nothing of perfume and longed for something a bit more–MORE, but didn’t know where to begin.  There began my love affair with Hermes…..

After rejecting a few bottles of other things, she said “this one is popular, but not in the mass markety every one is wearing it sense.  try it”  I did.  and oh heaven.  I remember walking out of the store and onto the Chicago streets.  As I walked back to my hotel I was swathed in the orange-sunset cashmere aura of the perfume, utter bliss.   This was a scent for someone who exemplified old world class and money.  It is refinement, yet approachable.  I could wear this in my ball gown or in my jeans — as long as i had good shoes and clean hair.  Seduction with this scent means wearing your best La Perla and smooth hair underneath your lady like Navy Blue Jackie O. dress.  Or possibly with your riding togs, only to discard them and leave your boots and pearls on.  People like to say this is a perfume only appropriate for a woman over 35.  I disagree, being younger than that and able to love, appreciate and carry it off.  It isn’t the woman, it’s the way in which she carries herself with this perfume.  I wear it when I put on my princess face and want to impress and empower while preserving my feminity.  One can wear it anywhere, as long, as I mentioned, you have clean hair, good shoes and proper deportment.  Paris Hilton need not apply. 

Today (a few years later)  I dug up a sample of the EDP and the Parfum and did a side by side comparsion to see which formula was the winner as I am nearly out and almost ready to purchase more.    I was surprised at the result.   Both begin with a lily of the valley note.  Lily of the Valley is not listed as a note.  Often this flower is one of my worst enemies, however here it is the opening of perfection. Then they both exude the orange/jasmine/amber sunset of scent.  Let me say something about the fruit… This isn’t BBW fruity sweetness of death.  This particular fruit sinks into your skin and emits an aura of golden, juicy vanillaness around you.  Picture yourself  silhouetted against a gorgeous sunset in an orange and peach orchard.  That is 24F.    The EDP ends this rich heiress-goddess sunset moment  with soft woodsy patchouli and amber, as though the sun went down on a soft summer or early autumn night.  The air cools and you wrap up in  your softest cashmere blanket and head to your favorite fireside.    The parfum, in contrast, smells….of laundry detergent. The heiress leaves the orchard and is demoted to scullery maid, without the benefit of seducing the lord of the manor.   Thank god I only bought a sample of the parfum because if I had paid the 135 and upwards for laundry detergent, I’d have been writing a looong letter to Hermes demanding a refund! 

  So, lesson for the day….never assume the higher concentration is the best.  In this case the EDP was the perfect blend of the fruit, the florals, and the woods.  Both sparkling, warming and richly sexy.  The parfum really does send you out to the cleaners and leaves you hung out to dry. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you the smell of money and happiness.

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  1. I’m feeling a bit stalker-esque here, but I have to just say, you have captured the feeling of this perfume PERFECTLY! I think of it as expensive golden sunshine. I just bought the edp about a month ago, and the eau fraiche soon after. AND, my love affair with Hermes kindled, I just received a bottle of Hiris a few days ago. Spring in a bottle, I tell you.

  2. Molly, my faithful and only reader! Thanks for the love!

    ooohhh…spring in a bottle. I’ll put that on my list for after xmas tries. I’m trying to get fall here earlier with perfume…

    I should be getting my sample vials this week, so look for a small package next week.

  3. Thanks! You should probably get your Chinatown tomorrow.
    Don’t stop writing your blog- people will stumble across it eventually!
    I got my Gucci today in the mail- huge bottle, by the way, and am wearing it now. It has something in it that reminds me of Sonia Rykiel’s Not for Men. Skank factor is nil so far. Can’t decide if I like it or not. I will have to try it a few more times to see.
    I am noticing that perfumes DO NOT last on me. I don’t know if I just can’t smell them anymore after a certain amount of time, or if my skin just absorbs them into nothing. Very annoying. The Gucci seems to be lasting a bit longer than most. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

  4. I’ve never tried any Hermes, but I’ve just added 24F to my wish list for samples. It’s fun to find a new blog. Best wishes.

  5. Welcome Gail in PA! I know a great decant site if you can’t wait until I get mine going later this week. send another comment if you’d like to know.

    And thank you for your well wishing!

  6. Hi Gail-
    Yes, I am very brave (many would say stupid) in the buying unsniffed fragrances department! Lucky ebay came into existence so that I can get rid of the scrubbers!
    I don’t feel like such a stalker with someone else in the room now! :))

  7. I want more! (Though I noticed that you do your posting quite late at night/early in the morning, so by no means am I asking you to sacrifice your sleep.)

    Anyhow, it’s such enjoyable reading that I’m looking for your next post!

  8. Do you know where I can get perfume cologne samples?

  9. I was running low on my Mitsouko and so I started doing some online research on other perfumes within the Chypre family last month. 24 Faubourg came up as the number 4 or 5 result, with very good reviews, but I did not think much of it.

    My partner and I recently visited the Champagne capital, Epernay, and there I saw my first real life bottle of 24 Faubourg EDP on a Sephora shelf. I misdirected the spray onto my palm and I recall strolling down the Avenue de Champagne just sniffing my palm the entire time. Even during dinner I would sniff my palm before taking a sip of blanc de blanc. Wow! I have purchased the EDP but will still stock up on my Mitsouko through the World Duty Free shop next month. 24 Faubourg is an elegant scent to wear on my non-Mitsouko days.

  10. Well I’m new to the blogging thing…I am also entering the world of perfume music (top note, middle etc). I was wondering if you have discussed “roja dove haute parfumerie”? I haven’t heard of haute parfum before. As well can Enslaved only be purchased at Harrod’s? I haven’t seen any blog discuss this topic and I’d love to read your thoughts about haute perfume. Lindsey

  11. Hello!

    This is the best review of 24 Faubourg I have read on my Google trip today. I want to go to my nearest department store and buy me a bottle of sunshine! Congratulations and I look forward to exploring your blog!


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