Chamade me want some; or a review of Chamade by Guerlain


It is a lovely 99 degrees where I live and although I LOVE to smother others with my fragrance (or at least announce my approach twenty paces ahead of myself) I do sometimes crave a lighter, more summery scent.  So, when I opened a box from another perfumista I swap with, I subconciously sniffed for summer. Out of the heap of goodies, Chamade called to me and whispered “pick me for I am loveliness.”

 Chamade was created by Jean Paul Guerlain in 1969, named after the novel “La Chamade.”  Chamade en fracaise also means something like drum-beating and was meant to mimmick a heart pounding in love.  I don’t get that experience with the EDT, but maybe with the parfum?  To me, it’s more of the progression of a sunny, lazy day into the evening. 

I sprayed the EDT onto my wrists and throat.  At first, it made me cough a bit.  I forget that EDT contains more alcohol and can be a bit avant at first.  Something like strong hairspray.  I wonder if my intial impression from sniffing the bottle had gone wrong. Within minutes I get a breeze of  light florals, a masculine jasmin being most prevelant for me.  This, I think is an effect of the Galbanum, which is found in the Green Monsters Bandit and Vent Vert.   This green, almost manly soapy session dissapates after a little while and the second phase kicks in.

  I felt all clean and freshly showered for a little while there.  The sun is shining and I step onto the back porch and sit down to enjoy the feminine flowers breezing on my clean skin.  I should be wearing a light yellow and pink floral night gown with lace egding. Hyacinth,ylang-ylang and my roses….and it’s heavenly, until it disappers.   I can’t find the perfume anymore, it’s melded with my skin with only a trace of spice.  Seriously a TRACE as I am frantically inhaling some skin to find it.  Actually, it smells like skin but better.  After some time, I notice it is back. 

Instead of on the back garden porch with the florals, it’s the end of the summer day.  It’s late afternoon and the flowers have started to wilt a bit.  It’s the kind of scent they get as they start to die in thier crystal vase, dark green-brown and indolently spicy.  This vase sits next to a bottle of the familiar Guerlainade of vanilla, tonka and amber.  It sounds a little sad, but it’s seems to be the best part.  Although it’s made with the Guerlainade components, I personally think it smells a bit more from the house of Caron in this stage, with a dash of balsamic syrup.  Not gourmandy, it’s a subtle, continuing and  irresistable spicy end to a beautiful, sunny day.

 Usually, I don’t do EDT as I prefer to experience a perfume in parfum, as it was meant to be experienced.  However I am discovering a few perfumes are often better, or at least more wearable in certain situations in thier EDT form – – Jicky and Eau de Mervielles being my top two EDT’s.  Will Chamade become another?  I cannot say for sure, as I am am still compulsed to suss out a sample of the parfum for comparison.  So, stay tuned for a review of the parfum sometime soon

Notes are hyacinth, Turkish rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lilac, blackcurrant buds, lily of the valley, galbanum, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, amber, iris, and Tonka bean.

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